To us, sustainability means driving environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) initiatives to deliver value to all stakeholders, both for today and tomorrow. We are guided by our Beliefs and committed to achieving our vision of a clean, energy-efficient world. 

Create a Cleaner, More Energy-Efficient World

The environment is at the forefront of our business strategy

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2022 Sustainability Report

At BorgWarner, sustainability means driving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives to deliver value to all stakeholders for today and tomorrow. We accomplish this by leveraging our operating model that empowers Local Accountability through support from corporate and Global Strength.

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We expect to generate more than 25% of total sales from EVs in 2025, and approximately 45% in 2030.

Environmental Stewardship Background

Environmental Stewardship

Empowering Everyone to Drive Sustainably

There are few present challenges as important as creating solutions that support our vision of a clean, energy-efficient world, which requires us to constantly invest and innovate to improve mobility. Our business strategy, Charging Forward, is designed to increase production of electric and other vehicle parts that enable zero- and lower-emissions transportation.

Our strategic planning for net-zero carbon emissions extends to our operations. As our business grows, we add new or expand existing facilities with environmental sustainability in mind, while we invest in updating more mature facilities to meet our goals. Running efficient, sustainable operations that are good for the environment is not only good for business — it is a natural part of what we do.

Our Clean Mobility Solutions

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 1 and 2)

Revenue from clean and emissions-reducing products

Revenue from Emissions-Reducing

Social responsibility

Live the BorgWarner Beliefs

Our BorgWarner Beliefs serve as the foundation that drives our commitment to our employees, their families, and the communities in which we operate. They shape our culture and who we are both as a company and as groups of individuals working toward a common goal.

During 2021, we focused our efforts on accelerating the pace of diversity, equity and inclusion, talent development, building robust talent pools, and advancing company culture. As a result, we launched Belief Behaviors to set the expectation for how we interact to get results. 

Our Corporate Culture

Social Responsibility

Gender Diversity and Racial/Ethnic Minority Employees (U.S.)

Women and Minorities at BorgWarner



Partner with and report to stakeholders

Our Board of Directors and the Company’s Strategy Board are committed to rigorous oversight and practices that effectively execute our strategic plans and provide value for our stockholders and all other stakeholders. In addition, we depend on every employee to make ethical choices and uphold our high standards of business integrity.

Our cybersecurity and data protection strategies are informed by regulatory and business requirements, and Quality is at the very core of our product leadership culture. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining high standards for human rights and environmental performance in our supply chain.

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